Whiten your teeth with bitter leaf and charcoal

Whiten your teeth with bitter leaf and charcoal

Make your teeth white and free from germs with Black Charcoal and Bitter leaf.
is gotten from burnt firewood, Charcoal is commonly use for cooking but only few people know it is also use for whittening of teeth.

Bitter leaf is a vegetable  known for its bitter taste alot of people use it  to cook meals but only few people know it also can be use for teeth whitening.

 permit me to share my story with you on how i came about this simple and easy  method of teeth whitten.

I get alot of people admire my white teeth and ask what kind of tooth paste i use..
well i am about to share my little seceret with you all.

when i was growing up, i never knew the importance of brushing my teeth in the morning, i always feel too lazy to brush, most times i am always forced to brush my teeth every morning,
it got to a stage that my teeth and gum were very dirty,
my grandmother came visiting, she saw my teeth and thought me the sceret to having white glowing set of teeth, she uses this traditional method i am about to show you in the oldden days.

Items to work with
1. bitter leaf
2. Charcoal from burnt firewood

3, A bowl of clean water


  1.  use the charcoal to scrub your teeth very well until every part of the teeth is fully scrubed.
  2. squeeze the bitter leaf gently with your both hands and then use the bitter leaf to scrub your teeth thesame way you scrubbed with the charcoal.
  3.  After scrubbing very well, use clean water to rasin your mouth, scrub your teeth with your finger to ensure its clean from the bitter leaf and charcoal.
  4.  Use this method at least 3 times in a week, you can always use your normal tooth paste and tooth brush even when and after using this method.


i hope this article is helpful, please ask questions on the comment section below and dont forget to  share to your friends on facebook you might be helping someone.