Use Ginger and Gin for rapid Hair Growth.

Use Ginger and Gin for rapid Hair Growth.

Use Ginger and Gin for rapid Hair growth.
Ginger has been known for its lot of health benefit in the past decades, possible health benefits of ginger include : Nausea, Motion sickness, pain relieve, its also use in cooking where its applied as spices

Gin locally known as "Ogogoro" has been around for decades and very appriciated and cherish in Africa culture.
Gin is produced in different ways from herbal ingredients.

Ginger mixed together with Gin gives rapid hair growth, i am about to show you how this method works. 

Read below for the easy and simple step to achieve a long and healthy hair.

 Items to work with
1. Get at least 3 pieces  of ginger
2. A bottle of gin "10 cl"
3. shower cap
4. Manual Grater or blender
5.  Filter
6. Empty spray bottle.


  1.  Grind your ginger with  manual grater or blender
  2. After grinding Put the ginger in a bowl
  3.  Add 5cl of gin
  4.  Mix properly with spoon.
  5. Filter the ginger by seprating the liquid from the sharft.
  6. Pour the liquid inside the empty spray bottle.
  7. Apply the liquid by spraying on the scalp of your head.
  8. Massage thorougly with your fingers until its fully circulated
  9.  put on a shower cap for 30-40 miutes or overnight
  10. wash your hair thoroughly with warm water.
  11.  use any desire soap to wash your hair, if your hair is  a virgin hair i will recomend you to wash your hair with 'Dudu osun black soap"  it makes the hair softer and easier to comb after wash.
  12. Dry your hair with towel and apply hair cream.
  13.  This method is applicable to both relaxed and virgin hair and can be done once in a week.

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