Natural and Fast method to enlarge your butt

Natural and Fast method to enlarge your butt

Natural and Fast method to enlarge your butt

Banana, Soyamilk, Peanut, Avocado, oat meal smoothie for bigger butt.

I would like to discuss a little of the health benefits of these igredents to make this wonderful recipe that really work wonders in the backside, firstly lets talk about Banana:

Banana: Banana fruit has been existing for ages, it is a fruit that has so many nutrition values and helps to fight disease in the body, it aids digestion and helps in weight loss.
Banana can help balance the sugar level in the body.
Banana is a good source of energy for excercises and sports.

Soyamilk: Soyamilk is highly nutrition to the body because its loaded with alots of healthy Nutreint
Soya milk helps to strengthen blood vessel in the body.
soyamilk prevents kidney and diabeties diseases .

Peanuts: peanut is highly proteinous in nature, it contain so many Nuturitional values which promotes the well being of the body and rise to good health.
Peanut are good for weight loss
peanuts are good for maintaining healthy heart
peanuts are good source of biotin which aids in hair growth, nails and skin

Oats: Oats are greatly nutritional, oat have great Nutritional Values.
Oats are good source of healthy conbs and fiber which serves as good source of energy and helps to regulate Digestions.

Oat contains Nutrients which will help treat Hypertension, fight Cancer, Relieve Constipation, Aid weigth loss, promote bone health due to one of the mineral which it rich in i.e silicon.

Avocados: Avocados are very nutritious. it has very nutritutious value. Avocados are Cholesterol free.

Avocados Helps in weigth loss.
Avocado helps to fight against heart disease avocado are healthy for the eyes.

Blue band butter: is a good source of healthy fats known as unsaturated fats "canola" which provides the body with omega z and omega 6 and its also rich in vitamin A that help in bone growth reproduction and immune system health and its also good for healthy vision.

As we can see above that all of these wonderful recipes for our smoothie are packed up with great Nutritional values which are all good for the health. they are contain healthy fats so on cause for alarm  because they will supply our body with the right vitamins, protiens, crabs, mineral and healthy fats so there depositing the fats in the right area of the body where fats should deposited, they are all source of weight loss so no fear of getting unecessary fat.

How to in co-operate all of these wonderful ingredients to make our yummy delicious smoothie which will give us that backside we desire. :)

Oat meal
Soya Milk
Peanut butter [grandnut]
Butter [blue bands]


Step 1: put two tablespoon of oat in a bowl

Step 2: Peel your banana, chop it into smaller piece and add it to the oats.

Step 3: Scoop three (3) table spoon of peanut butter or grandnut powder in the bowl

Step 4: Scoop out the whole avocado butter into the bowl

Step 5: Scoop two (2) tablespoon of blue band butter into the bowl

Step 6: Add little quantity of soya milk to the ingredients in the bowl

Step 7: Mix with spoon and make sure to marsh the banana so as to make it mix properly with the rest ingredients You can use blender to mix it the ingredient properly, if you fixed the smoothie too thick you can add a little bit of soya milk to it.

Step 8: your smoothie is ready to be served as breakfast, lunch or dinner but it best taken as breakfast. take this every morning or evening which everway and watch the how it gives the desire shape and butt in no time!

Note: You can preserve the left over in the refrigerator for next day cosumption.