How to Make Coconut Oil and its Benefits.

How to Make Coconut Oil and its Benefits.

How to Make Coconut Oil and its Benefits.
Coconut is natural and one of the best fruit that contains vitamins and mineral, its is cholesterol free

Items to work with
1. Coconut
2. Grater/blender
3. Filter
4. Water
5.Frying pan

1. Break the coconut
2. Seperate the coconut from the shell
3. Grate the coconut with your manual grater or chop into little pieces and blend with your blender

4. Add water to wash the milk from the coconut shaft, use your hand to squeeze the milk from the shaft properly.
5. use your filter to seperate the shaft from the coconut milk
6. allow the coconut milk to settle for about 1-2 hours.
7. By now the milk must have been clotted above the water,  use a spoon to scoop out the milk into your frying pan, repeat the process until all the milk is completely scooped
8.  light your  gas cooker to a very low degree, put your frying pan containing the milk on the low fire and let it heat for about 30minutes, by then the milk will turn into oil.
9. scoop out your oil into a container or oil jar .

Uses & Benefit of coconut oil
1, it can be use as lotion [body cream]
2. it is very good for hair moistourising, it makes the hair grow long and healthy.
3. it is good for babies skin and hair
4. it is also good for cooking meals because it is cholesterol free